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We’re a group of passionate developers who found WAVES to be the perfect environment where to build tools, applications and games

@aicarus is a Node.js, javascript, HTML5 Frontend Developer, the guy behind the graphics

@deepred is a free time python developer and long time Waves Moderator and Ambassador and the developer behind WAVESNotifyBOT

@daidalos is a NodeJS, python, MongoDB Backend and Smart Contract/WAVES Keeper Developer


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Waves Island

A Pirate hid a treasure inside a chest on a desert island, will you find the chest before the others? Try your luck opening a chest for just 1 WAVES, and if you are the lucky one, The pirate's treasure will be yours (10 WAVES). The Pirate hides the treasure in a random chest at every game, a Smart Contract will then ensure impartiality and transparency

Open Project

One Million Pixel Waves

We took inspiration from the famous MillionDollarHomepage and enriched it with the power of the WAVES Blockchain, Smart Contracts and WAVES Keeper, reaching a strong integration between the WEB and the blockchain in an easy and elegant way.

Open Project


WAVESNotifyBOT - receiving your WAVES address notifications messaging

Open Project